Trump attacks again, but this time on journalists

The republican candidate for the USA president Donald Trump this time attacked journalists of ‘Washington post’. They wiil not be possible to enter on any of his events.

”Because of inaccurate reporting about my campain, we immediately pull back accreditations for journalists of unhonorable and mountebank Washington post.„ wrote Trump on his Facebook profile.

”This decision of Donald Trump is nothing else but denying of freedom and independency of newspapers. If the report is not suitable to what the candidate wants, than the news house is persecuted.„ said Martin Baron, the chief editör of Washington post.

”It leads us a man who is not strong enough, or he is not enough smart, or there is something else in his head.„ said Trump on monday morning on Fox news.The reasone because Trump pulled back accreditations is Because of this sentence, Washington post published that Trump brings Obama into the connection with the Islamic state.

Trump has also before forbiden entrance for some journalists into his events, but nothing like this happened before.

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